New, HCCF-5 High Yield, Secured Bond Delivers 10% to 14% Annual Yield With Options For 1 Year, 3 Year & 5 Year Terms!

HCC Media Funding LLC ("HCC") discovered a high-yield, niche investment opportunity hidden in the $365 Billion internet advertising sector - providing bridge funding for high-ROI online lead generation campaigns.

These campaigns consistently generate strong return on investment in 90-days or less. We provide the funding to cover the 30-90 day gap between when the campaigns generate the leads and when the end buyer pays for the leads.

The funding is provided as a line of credit guaranteed by a UCC-1 lien against accounts receivables and purchase orders as collateral. This, along with HCC's innovative use of cash backed bank instruments to secure it's bonds, mitigates our risk of capital loss by ensuring repayment, and allows us to safely earn 2-3% every 30 days.

HCC is scaling its campaign funding capacity by issuing 1-year, 3-year and 5-year high yield, secured bonds that pay monthly current interest income to bond holders with full return of principal at maturity.  The par value of each bond is $1,000 with a minimum investment of $50,000. The bonds are issued via HCCF-5 LLC, a special purpose funding entity managed by HCC Media Funding LLC. 

JP Maroney, CEO

JP Maroney is an American entrepreneur and investor with more than 25-years experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies in publishing, media, advertising, software, ecommerce, training, real estate, and consulting.

After more than a decade building digital-based businesses, JP Maroney founded Harbor City Capital Management, an alternative investment firm specializing in lead data arbitrage within the $200B Internet advertising sector. Since inception in 2013, the firm has generated double-digit annual returns for investors.

A recognized business growth and marketing industry leader, JP Maroney also serves as advisor or board member with several other companies. Current and past clients include: Wells Fargo, Century21, Precision AutoTune, The Maids, Metric Property Management / BlackRock, National Apartment Association, Independent Bankers Association of Texas, Texas Association of Business, Texas Credit Union League, and numerous other franchises, corporations, and trade associations.

Devaughn Dames, CFOs

Devaughn Dames' credentials include a bachelor’s degree in business (Accounting) from University of Miami, an MBA with a specialty in International Business from Keiser University, and in process of a DBA, Doctoral of Business specializing in International Business/Finance from Keiser University completing 2019. He's a strong communicator with exceptional ability in speaking to large groups, offer presentations, manage multiple projects and effectively articulate investment strategies or options to business partners and associates. He is pursuing the CFA designation.

He is a dynamic leader with a great talent for understanding, negotiations, managing people while operating multiple businesses globally. He's also aligned in the discipline of financial regulations, focusing on GAAP regulations, information technology, marketing, and financial modeling while building with a team in an environment that will encourage all to communicate in bridging the gap of making a company more efficient.

Devaughn specialty includes but not limited to Financial forecasting, Budget management, Accounting, and Planning Investment activities, Business Development, Human Resources Development, Operational Management, Financial Management, supervising bank reconciliations, fixed assets, payroll, A/P AND A/R and functions within any software application including Quickbooks.

His skill level also includes Financial Planning & Analysis Management, Project Management, Business Analysis Oral and Written Communication, Skills-Story Telling, Intuitiveness and Big Picture View, Team Management, Coaching, and Mentoring, Experience in Managed Care-Healthcare Industry, Solid knowledge of Accounting Practices and Operations

Jayson Benoit, COO

Before Jayson even graduated High School he was working within the banking industry and worked his way up from the bottom as a teller and went on to as a Data Analyst configuring the data processing for major Credit Unions across the United States.

Jayson then ventured into computer & internet programming learning the skills to be able to automate processes and streamline systems. He has created multiple offline data base system for multiple different niche markets and also created multiple SaaS solution online software programs for the marketing industry. He was one of the pioneers within the email marketing industry to start what is know as 'Solo Ad Marketing', and went on to coach others on starting online businesses and molding their Entrepreneur mindset.

Jayson bring decades of knowledge in computer programming, how to streamline systems to help save time and money, and many years of experience with online marketing.

I had previously lost a lot of money in other programs. Once I talked with and connected with you it just felt right. The money just shows up like clockwork, and that eased my anxiety. This is an investment opportunity where you get to control your destiny.

Vincent M.

United States of America


  • Reliable passive investment with monthly income
  • Healthy 10% to 14% annualized fixed rate of return
  • Short 1 year, 3 year and 5 year investment period
  • Investment principal secured by cash-back bank instrument
  • Top performing growth sector
  • Demand far exceeds supply and is growing
  • Recession resistant market
  • Diversification across multiple verticals

"When it comes to helping advertisers reach consumers and get new customers, Harbor City may have come up with the perfect formula that gets growing companies the buyer leads they want while also generating healthy gains for HC's investors."  
-- Entrepreneur Magazine

Elevator Pitch: HCCF-5 LLC, via a special purpose funding vehicle, provides capital for digital media campaigns, secured by a cash backed bank instrument.

Market Size: $365 Billion

Industry: Internet Advertising / Digital Marketing Assets

Investment Opportunity: $15M

Use of Proceeds: Loans to fund digital advertising campaigns in the lead generation industry

Notable Traction

$164 Million demand-side customer order pipeline

Large, growing and accessible market opportunity

20+ growth sectors penetrated

12%+ annual yield since inception

4x+ per year turn of capital

Investors are facing a very challenging future. If you're really, really lucky you might earn 3.5%. People are desperate for something better. This is brilliant. I knew it was the right thing to do. I love that you guys are really accessible and transparent. I say try it!

Mary S.

United States of America


The private placement memorandum (PPM), also commonly known as an offering memorandum or offering document, is a vitally important legal document that discloses the objectives, risks and terms of a proposed investment.

You may use the following as your guide while you review the investment opportunity, watch the videos, read the documents, get all your questions answered, and finalize your decision to invest with Harbor City.

This is the form someone would fill out upon any issues with receiving their principal back.

United States Securities and Exchange Commission Accepted Form Type D

We have been receiving above average monthly returns on our investment with Harbor City Capital. If it wasn't for having this opportunity our financial situation would be very dire.

Yvonne E.

United States of America

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